The four and a half mile Ingleton Waterfalls Trail has some of the most spectacular waterfall and woodland scenery in the UK.

The Wheatsheaf is conveniently placed near the entrance and the end of the trail, and is a perfect place for people wanting to enjoy the trail at their own pace. Our friendly, helpful staff are more than willing to provide packed lunches and local knowledge to help make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

The Waterfalls trail is a year-round attraction, so whatever time of year you can book a room here at The Wheatsheaf and enjoy the walk and take in the changing seasonal views.

Entrance to the waterfalls trail

The trail has free parking for ticket holders. Toilets are available as well as the Falls Café. See their website for opening times

Swilla Glen

The first section of the walk follows the river Twiss through Swilla Glen, a deep glen cut into carboniferous limestone. Walking through woodland of oak, ash, birch and hazel you can see a variety of wild plants, mosses and ferns. Cross Manor bridge towards Pecca Falls

The Money tree

The money tree lies within Swilla Glen. It is believed to be good luck to put a coin in the tree, and over the years it has become covered with them.

Pecca Falls

There are 5 main waterfalls at this point, dropping 30 metres over sandstone and slate. The vegetation here shifts from limestone woodland to heathers and bracken that thrive in the more acidic soil associated with the rock

Hollybush Spout

The trail climbs steeply up a series of steps by Hollybush Spout, onto open moorland where the river flows to a shallow valley

Thornton Force

Thornton Force is the most famous and spectacular waterfall on the trail. The river plunges 14 metres over a limestone cliff. There is a viewing area, which is perfect for picnics

Thornton Force to Raven Ray Bridge

The path follows the Twiss valley with a footbridge crossing, before climbing up to Twisleton Lane.

Twisleton Lane

This is an old Roman Road, with spectacular views of Morecambe and Inglebrough, one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Head towards the woodland at Beezley Farm

Beezley Farm

At Beezley farm there are toilets and a picnic area. The Falls Café refreshment kiosk offers snacks and drinks. See the website for opening times

Beezley falls

The trail follows oak woodland , this time following the path of the river Doe to arrive at Beezley Falls. From the first waterfall the Doe descends over Triple Spout – three beautiful waterfalls side by side

Rival Falls

At Rival Falls the trail offers spectacular views of the river Doe plunging into the “Black Hole”, a pool reputed to be over 80 feet deep.

Baxenghyll Gorge

Walking onto the gorge there is a viewing bridge that gives a dramatic view of the river below

Snow falls

Beyond the gorge don’t forget to look back to see the beautiful Snow Falls. The walk continues back through Twisleton Glen, via the old limestone quarries.


The final stage takes you back into Ingleton village. Turn left when you reach the main street, and just up the hill on the right hand side is The Wheatsheaf – perfect for a bit to eat, a well deserved pint of real ale, and a superb beer garden to relax in.